Daily Research - 02/16/2021

Day 25 - Military and patriots are in control! We won!

President Trump...hope you are seeing this...Happy President's Day Sir!!! Look what happened yesterday!! We love you!! 3257 

Notice Biden is hiding somewhere again... Might be in his basement somewhere.

Hate to beat a dead horse but we are still winning!! It is extremely interesting to see how much real info is not getting through to the general public.  Not surprised...nothing new under the sun.  We have been kept in the dark so long...We have NEVER heard the truth by the institutions we were told to trust.  MSM is owned and has always been owned. Communists-Global Crime Syndicate- doesn't change the playbook.  You can see it historically in WW2 Germany, Poland, Cambodia, China, Venezuela...etc.  The good thing is that all the information is out there.  Since the digital age, nothing is ever erased or lost...nothing. But you have to research to find it or know a researcher who is willing to do a bit of detective work to find it.  General Flynn talked about it -irregular warfare ... the world of the Digital Soldier.  

Election Fraud has been going on for decades...It stops now with President Trump and the Military.  They are in the exposure stage of the clean up.  You might be asking yourself what you can do to help...start talking and don't stop talking and tell everyone you know what is actually happening.  It is up to us to get the truth out there and wake people up.

The only real panic is from the Global Crime Syndicate who are watching their little game fail at every turn.  Impeachment has failed twice and THEY called it off because they didn't want the Trump Team to continue to roll out all the evidence on their deeds. (Sounds like what they did during the election - stop counting when you are losing) It is apparent that they planned and created the Capitol riot and the breach of the Capitol. We are seeing their plans fail at every turn. 

However we have to come back to the question who is in control and what is actually happening? Everything about the election is a fraud.  More and more people are waking up to the fact that Fauci is a fraud( a Jesuit BTW.)  Covid is either a complete "Plandemic/Political Terrorism/false flag"...a weaponized crisis the Global Crime Syndicate enacted/created to destroy the United States, and the narrative is falling apart.  

Keeping our eyes on the Lincoln Project. There are so many like Human Trafficking organizations like Epstein (is he really dead?) Who are the Jesuits? We need to lift the lid a little of Pandora's box to look at a bit of history to stop the current "OMG the sky is falling panic." The focus needs to be on election fraud...protecting government legally "of the people and by the people" and the persuasive psychopathy who use and derive pleasure from hurting and dominating others.  It is all tied in. 

Listen again...and really listen to what is being said...


Lincoln Project

Strategy - Anon, Q Posts and News Bite...

History which is affecting us today...

Clowns In America - Institutionalized Child Trafficking by or own Government.

Lincoln Project

Strategy - Anon, Q Posts and News Bite...



Fox guarding the hen house?



and who is Bill Gates?...Which family is he part of? It's not Obama or "Michael" it's Bill Gates in the middle that's interesting...all one big happy Clowns In America family...just a day down on the farm.  "The Farm" is a Clowns training camp.

History which is affecting us today...

Clowns In America - Institutionalized Child Trafficking by or own Government..."the Finders"

Conclusion...typical. Investigation dead on arrival...buried...just like these kids were.

Think this is a one off?? Listen to Congress Woman Cynthia McKinney expose our Government policy/sanctioned involvement in Human/Child Trafficking...


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