Daily Research - 02/17/2021

Day 26 - Military and patriots are in control! We won!

Today War Horse is going to write a bit of personal experience which we experienced last night.  This is one of the few times that personal experience will hopefully save someone from making a fatal or almost fatal mistake. 

You can decide for yourself...but the research is alarming and appears to be a eugenics program.  The failed policies of Governor Whitmer of Michigan, Cuomo from New York, Newsome from California...who moved COVID patients in to the nursing homes AGAINST health care workers and doctors recommendations appear to fit the crime of "Third Party Murder." They have already murdered...they are proven capable of it...and they will do it again.  There is ample evidence that not only did 30% of the Michigan reported deaths (which should be questioned) come from nursing homes, but the vaccination is an experiment on humanity itself.

So last night's adventure...I have elderly parents and my mom is in an independent living home.  Against my wishes...as legal guardian for my mother...they lined all the residents up unbeknownst to me, without consent or mom's legal ability to sign a waiver....and gave them the first dose several weeks ago...and the second dose on Monday.  At 1:30am I get a call from Emergency Services for my mother...she can't feel or use her legs.  She tried to stand up fell and crawled across the floor to try finally get to her call button and get help.  Background-my mom was walking about 2 miles a day and prides herself on doing 60 sit-ups a day...and now within a day of getting the vaccine...she is sicker than a dog and can't feel her legs and can't use her legs. Not only that but according to Mom...everyone in the home is getting really sick, even the staff...all after the second dose of the "vaccine."  All the health care workers also said they are seeing real problems after the second dose.

Be warned...they are going to give people choices from here on out on every aspect of life.  We are going to have to stand up for ourselves...from deciding different education choices rather than institutionalized indoctrination... to health care options... to deciding to open our businesses...and deciding if we are going to submit to living under a mask mandate/breathing air quality which would not pass an OSHA hazardous environment test of our own respiration. We are all going to have to make hard choices going forward...researching and thinking for ourselves is critical.  Mom is suppose to get out of the hospital today later...we will see if she makes it.  They asked her if she wanted to be resuscitated if things take a down turn...and she said no.  We will respect her wishes and her God given rights to live her life or die as she wishes. 

Update on Mom...she seems to be improving...is walking and we are working on getting her into a rehab care facility.  Looking up.

Covid - Is it really a Pandemic...or a weapon of political terrorism/eugenics 

Follow the money...the connections...the crises they create...so that they can provide the solution.  What economic or control does the crisis accomplish? Their biggest fear is an awake population...which can't be manipulated or controlled.  

Scientist Judy Mikovits - She is a person War Horse has followed for years.  She was locked up for 5 years...with no charges brought because her research is so incriminating. Her work explains the science behind virology ... the Medical Mafia...part of the Global Crime Syndicate.



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