Daily Research - 02/18/2021

Day 27 - Military and patriots are in control! We won!

Inspiring Patriot!!!! Standing to fight.  Right now all 1700 cases that were brought against businesses who didn't close down are being dismissed!! The State of Michigan is trying to make their illegal actions go away.  Businesses are being asked to sign paperwork to admit guilt for dropping the charges.  Many are standing up and saying no...and the State is screwed.  Do not close down...do not admit guilt...they are not making it stick...because they were outside of the law.  STAND AND FIGHT!!!

The ball is being moved forward every day...and the system is coming apart piece by piece.  Myanmar is still moving forward and the Central Bank is losing its control and it's mind.  They are making mistakes and big ones.  

In our process to question everything...and interpreting what we are seeing every day rather than being told what to think...there are some huge questions about what is happening in Texas in regards to the power grid.  Who are the players? How are they connected? How much money does the Global Crime Syndicate make when the move prices up or down in response to a real or perceived panic. There are only 3 connected power grids in the United States...One on the East...One on the West...and a totally independent one for Texas. Interesting.  

When you follow the money it is pretty easy to see what is going on especially when you look into the under workings of the petroleum industry and also logistics with an emphasis on rail(containers.) War Horse has inside knowledge of the industry.  It is a complicated interconnected industry-rife with Governmental oversight and bet everything you have on the fact that the pay to play situation we have been following in the Ukraine is going on here(among other ethical infractions.)  It is all tied together via the major players.

Why have they been pushing green global energy solutions? Can you move large sums of money around unnoticed because people have bought in to the "Green energy" is good and saving the planet? Is it good or is it a way to manipulate people's good intentions?

There are so many misconceptions about "fossil" fuels that volumes can be written about the lies and manipulations that have been spoon fed to the public. Let's start with is petroleum a "fossil" fuel? or was it categorized by the Rockefeller street gang, by creating a perceived scarcity...so that they made money on the transportation of it.  You read that correctly. We have more petroleum in Colorado alone that all of Saudi Arabia...the power brokers don't make money off oil...it is everywhere in abundance and it is a renewable resource...it is a renewable resource-you read that correctly. The only way anyone makes money off petroleum is in the transportation of a perceived scarce product. Period.  Which leads us into the interconnected subjects of rail...Windmills...solar...electric cars...coal...nuclear...

All of this has come to the top, showing their deficiencies with the Texas snow storm...power grid failure...power outages which are evident in the daily lives of people.  The really sad thing is that this has been effecting people unbeknownst to them for decades..and decades...and decades.  Their lies have just compounded over time. 

With a very very short description above which could extend into volumes being written on each individual component...gonna shift gears. We should be asking lots of questions.  But the one answer or conclusion that remains a constant is that the veil of lies is being exposed everywhere...at every level in both the United States and world wide.  We have to see the manipulation-lies in order to deal with it and clean it out. 

Sticking with Biden wasn't inaugurated...not President.  The military is in control...all the legal paperwork, broken procedures, and evidence backs this.  The only game they have left is to continue the propaganda war on the minds of the American people and the world.  We won - we are in the clean up...sit back and watch it unfold right before our eyes.  



Strategy- Anons ,Q Posts and News Bites



Strategy- Anons ,Q Posts and News Bites

Questions about Biden...there was no inauguration.  Is it all a made for TV movie while they are restructuring the country...specifically the central bank?

More Biden procedure anomalies...

Below is Typical...create an emotionally charged crisis - false flag...then provide a manipulated solution to further their agenda. Right out of the communist playbook.  

Romney and Rino BS connected to Marriott International 




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