Daily Research - 02/21/2021

Day 30 - Military and patriots are in control! We won!

Nice little message from President Trump to start the day out.  If you have been following from the beginning of the comms...there are many ways that they communicate to us.  One of the ways is through Melania's outfits.



Question everything...architects speak.

War Horse has been researching for 8-10 hours a day for years.  It is wonderful when people ask for information or more information based on areas of interest...helps to narrow things down to what people are really interested in.  I'm going to credit expanding the 911 information to a dedicated patriot Les. Nothing about 911 makes sense...much like the death of JFK JR...or Senior for that matter. 

There are many questions that need to be answered.  We will start with architectural anomalies, how fast the clean up was, the lack a real, investigation, even the outline of the plane ...on the side of the building (how does an aluminum plane slice through a solid steel exoskeleton of a building...when if 2 planes on a runway touch wings the airplane crumples.) How did the BBC report that building 7 was down...20 minutes before it actually fell...while it was still standing behind the reporter ...who was saying it was down? And then we can get into the Global Crime Syndicate which was behind it...with President GW Bush right in the center of it...and the bizarre behavior in the school while the planes were crashing.

This whole mess is worthy of studying in a obsessive anon way...because nothing makes sense.  The owners of the building took out a huge insurance policy...boxes of fuses caught in the building...a camera crew staging people in the windows while a helicopter took video prior to the incident...cars flipped over and burned to a crisp blocks away.  The crazy stuff about this never ends.  But what did they accomplish? Getting the Patriot Act slammed through congress in 3 days!! Gross violations of privacy and enabling surveillance of citizens...and the activation of "Five Eyes," a multinational spying agreement to get around violating the rights of private citizens.

If we don't ask questions when things don't make sense, because they are shaming us into silence...they get away with murder. Every question needs to be asked...and complete answers demanded.

For those of you who are new...War Horse posts throughout the day...Check back later for more.