Daily Research - 02/22/2021

Day 31 - Military and patriots are in control! We won!!

What is the process we are currently watching? Every step of the way has been planned and the focus currently is on the corrupted justice system...all the way to the Supreme Court.  Much more to come on this.  The Justice system is dead.  The only way is the military...military tribunals.  The question is is this to come... or has it already happened as they bring the current system old guard down.... We already won...and we are in the clean up.  

Moving the ball forward. 


22 yr old - Harris Niece connection to Marina Abramovich...Do you know who she is nd what Spirit Cooking is?

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22 yr old - (Fashion)Harris Niece connection to (Alleged artist)Marina Abramovich...Do you know who she is and what Spirit Cooking is?

Why should we care...because these are the same people who hacked the United States elections and are the ones sitting on top of American politics...making policies-laws-rules to benefit themselves...which we are subject too... 

Lets take a look at this network of sycophants and how they are connected.  So Auntie Kamala gets fraudulently in as VP and immediately starts making connections for her 22 year old niece who gets a fast track to be a designer after NY fashion week.  Time to ask questions.  How do they traffic kids around...they get access.  As painful as this is to see...it isn't even close to hitting the bottom of the barrel of their degeneracy...and it is important to take the red pill and become aware of that is really going on.

Let's start asking questions-touching on a small segment of players(there are many many more...and we could be at this subject for months and never hit the end of them.)  Both the fashion industry - child modeling - and the high end avant garde art scene should have every rock turned over...because they are involved. 

So...Ray Chandler - Started a child focused modeling agency called Midland Agency along with a man named Walter Pearce. What kind of modeling are we talking about? Is it for legitimate modeling or are they providing children to really bad people? How about we look at some of her work.

Look at specifically camera 10...

And this Child is an example of her "model" candidates...



And now ... Marina Abramovich - alleged artist and her antics with Spirit Cooking (will post this section next..

Warning....there are some really disturbing images...and this isn't as bad as it gets.  Skip this section if you don't want to see what these sick people think is fun!!


And we are right back to the Central Bankers...the Rothschilds.  It only gets weirder and more evil from here...and involves children.  What is it worth to fight these people...no matter how long it takes? 

Are they using their political influence to place their "buddies" so that they can profit off the system? Using kids for nefarious reasons? Controlling whole industries?

Interviewed by Marina Abramovich...how convenient...


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