Daily Research - 02/23/2021

Day 32 - Military and patriots are in control! We won!!

The degree of planning involved in what we are seeing happening is astounding.  It is military planning at its finest.  The results of patriots taking down the corrupt old guard is astounding...and humbling to have a small window into the action.  There is a digital army which was activated and represents irregular warfare such that the world has never seen.  It is exciting...it is amazing...and it is something going on right in front of everyone to see...if people are willing to research and think for themselves. Information is being shared on a scale unimaginable...for researchers it is like drinking from a fire hose!

When you see Trump's tax returns being put out for the world to see, it is a little concerning.  (If there was anything there to be found ...it would have been found by Obama.) However, is something more in play here?  Are they setting precedence for the people in the Global Crime Syndicate to also be subject to the scrutiny?  Looking back at what General Flynn did for our country there appears to be a pattern.  Why would a General...head of military intelligence...plead guilty...when he was never charged with a crime?  He had the highest access to global information...who the players were...what they had done...and where all the bodies were buried?  If you can take a rubber bullet for the country, then everyone around the situation gets investigated.  Did an innocent man...assume guilt...so that all those guilty would be investigated?  Did that one action open the flood gates to digging into information and legally introduce all of it in a court of law?  In court they kept asking him if he would change his plea...why didn't he change his plea to not guilty?  Because he had to draw fire to expose the enemy...know where they all were hiding at all levels from top to bottom and catch them.

President Trump said it..."I've caught them all." 

The inconsistencies we are seeing every day is a road map to their clean-up.  Is the highest level neutralized?  Are they catching the lower and mid levels who were hiding?  Are they restructuring or removing the institutions who were complicit - without destroying any semblance of order? Look at the Fed...was a foreign owned entity...ties cut to foreign IMF/central bank and reorganized under the Treasury Department which is under the executive branch.  No more loan payments for using our own currency!  This was huge.  

What else are we seeing exposed? Election Fraud(been going on for decades)? Pay to play, favors, and political profiteering? The Global Crime syndicate?  

Go after Trump's tax returns...he has nothing to hide...BUT they do and this roll is going to set them all up for scrutiny.  Let's check into the pork in the Covid relief bill....shocking?  Why are states with election fraud-communist governors getting huge amounts of money?  Why are those governors all of a sudden pretty quiet? Controlled demolition?

 Nothing can stop what is coming whether or not a person is educated on the process or whether they turn their heads to the side and want to continue on with business as usual.  Yesterday War Horse just touched on the the subject of what is running under the radar of most people.  We can go down much further...but those truths will be put in another area to protect those who don't want to know...or who can't bear to look at it.  There is no judgement here...the end isn't for everyone.  

  What is exciting is seeing the political ball moving forward.  This isn't remotely over....

We will win!!!


Trump Tax return exposure...establishng precedence...

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