Daily Research - 02/24/2021

Day 33 - Military and patriots are in control! We won!!

Every day we are seeing winning...if we take the time to research, think and look. The war we are in is more about demoralizing the American Citizens than about any action we are seeing out there.  When you figure that the whole world is run by a very small percentage of people, whose greatest fear is an empowered - unafraid- educated population.  90% of all warfare is subversion and psychological warfare...which we are seeing clearly currently.  The MSM is a full time spin doctoring propaganda machine.  But people can also be complicit on an individual basis...demoralizing the population rather than standing and fighting for what is right.  Everyone is going to have to make a choice...

There are many who are claiming to have all the answers...who give us just enough information to make people feel that they can count on them...and then they stop thinking for themselves.  We could start a shill list that would shock everyone...and would reach all the way to China. We need to stop trusting people for our news and question everything.  That includes War Horse.  The last thing that War Horse wants to see happen is for the population - to lose ground.  We are being taught how to think again and make logical connections...don't ever stop and don't ever give up. If it looks like a duck...quacks like a duck...don't believe it's an elephant even though someone is on a campaign to convince you otherwise.  Weigh all things and trust yourself.  God is with us and he will guide you.

Strategy - Anons, Q post and News Bites...


Odd little coincidence...Why would the US Marshall Service tweet this? 

Go Sidney Powell!!!

Q site for researching Q posts on your own.  It takes a while to get the comms - but I encourage you to jump in and dig.  Not everything which claims to be Q is Q...there is a lot of disinformation out there...but don't let that stop you.  Ask lots of questions and the pieces will start falling into place...Happy hunting!



Clarification please...