Daily Research - 02/25/2021

Day 34 - Military and patriots are in control! We won!!

Decided to fire this off before morning! Give you something to chew on and keep you up all night like War Horse usually is. LOL

I'm not sure why this didn't hit any news anywhere but the Fed ACH etc....was down all day yesterday.  Looks like it is back up...but nothing coming from the fed directly.  No explanation directly from the Fed yet...no press release? War Horse has a friend with a Federal Reserve account who is keeping an eye on it...but this should set off all kids of bells and whistles that there are big things happening.  Question - will gold bring down the fed?  What is happening with the silver...and what do the banks use as a hedge? Silver? The report is that this is HIGHLY unusual for the Fed to shut down for more than an hour?  Never seen that happen before.  What is happening? Let's look to Q...we were told a long time ago.  We knew this was going to happen.  Gold will destroy the Fed.  No surprises here...

Standing unwavering...we won!!!  

And look at what is going on with the Fed! Right on schedule...."Gold will destroy the Fed" - Q

LOL ... selling survival kits is referring to "Paytriots" v patriots. KEK!  


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