Daily Research - 03/11/2021

Day 48 - Military and patriots are in control! We won!! Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming....

It is becoming more and more evident that God is on our side.  It is a privileged to be chosen to be alive at this time...we are seeing history in the making every day, and it is even more humbling to watch God make connections which we never thought were in the realm of possibilities.  This week it is humbling to say War Horse stepped out of the comfort zone and watched doors open ...and "coincidences" which are mathematically impossible. 

This week...War Horse is again on a quest...and will be intermittent posting until Tuesday as work is being done on the ground.  There are no words to describe the awe at the incredulous chain of events unrolling.

Trust the plan...things are moving forward.  There is a team assembling as we speak, which will move us into a time of healing and great prosperity for out nation.  War Horse has a direct source and will be part of that team. Some day the story will be fully written and it will be an epic account of brave, unwavering patriots...remember we owe everything to not only President Trump and his family...but also to our military headed by General Michael Flynn and his family...and Admiral Mike Rogers. They decided to live by a code of conduct and loyalty which is amazing. 

It is only when we focus on what the propaganda puppeteers are telling us that we miss the truth which is right before our eyes.  They understand human beings...and use it against us.  They use our hearts and emotions to distract us from the core issues.  For example...they threw Cuomo's sexual improprieties out there...and the accusers just keep coming...to distract from how many people they killed during the so called pandemic.  They committed 3rd party murder.  There is no questioning this...they are guilty as hell. 

As a communication's expert there are several main ways to distract people...fear and sex being the top dogs. Whenever they want to sacrifice someone within the Global Crime Syndicate...they throw a sex scandal out in the news, so that everyone is checking out the sorted details.  All the time the real crime of murder is going on right in front of their faces.   

We are going to have to deal with or own hearts...because what is coming down the road is so much worse than Cuomo's issues. 90% of the people are going to have a really hard time knowing how expansive the problems we are going to have to face and deal with are.  They are the crimes against humanity and especially children.  

As bad as it seems...we need to focus on the good which God himself is putting in place.  The goodness, faithfulness, dedication to protecting and defending our country and innocent children.  Take the oath...for God, Family and country...for friends, the future to defend each other against all enemies foreign or domestic. And above all work on forgiveness...we are going to need it for each other and for ourselves.  




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