Daily Research - 03/12/2021

Day 49 - Military and patriots are in control! We won!! Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming....

It is really interesting to watch where the money goes and how they move money around with few people questioning their actions.  For a long time we have known that they use 501c3s and foundations to launder money.  Look up the human trafficking foundation which (executed...not death by natural causes)... John McCain set up in AZ.  The ratio of moneys in and moneys out just doesn't make sense at all. 

But let's go further because the proof is there.  What about the Red Cross? What about foreign aid? What about art?  How do they move money around...assign a random number for artwork...or bid it up until they get to the amount they want to move? What about artifacts...ISIS looted historical artifacts to go to cabal money coffers.  And the connection with McCain is undeniable.  What about the lottery? How does Zorro Ranch occupant...owned by the Epstein criminals...win a $29 million lottery...which is alleged to be the same amount that they spent to cover their tracks on Epstein Island? 

Well good news is that if the bad guys are fronting their little criminal enterprise with philanthropic activities, we can watch what they are doing.  We can also let them commit the crimes so we can catch them in the act and audit to provide proof. 

Think about time passing.  There are vast amount of times between events.  And we didn't get in this mess overnight.  They are widening the net.  We had one chance to get this right and it's happening...and widening.  We need to stand strong and be patient.  We all want to see things happen right now...justice served.  But we have to get them all.  Columbus sailed the ocean blue in 1492...the Mayflower landed in 1620...the United States became a sovereign country in 1776...and we are frustrated at 5 years of taking down a Global Crime Syndicate (actually it is more than that - 50+)?  War Horse is guilty of impatience...we want this done now.  But we need to give it as much time as it takes and get every last one of them from the top to the bottom.  Sources are pretty solid that the top has already been dealt with.  Now let's chase down every last rat.


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