Daily Research - 03/13/2021

Day 50 - Military and patriots are in control! We won!! Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming....

Again what a time to be alive.  If we keep our focus on the facts rather than on emotions we will be unmovable...now...during the storm...and moving on to the future to rebuild this wonderful nation.  There are so many proofs around us that we are moving forward.  War Horse is in a research time and we are uncovering more information every day.  Gonna be a light day for posting...lots of info stored up...will be big posts starting again on Tuesday. 

Their distractions are not working as well as they once did.  People are catching on. They are sacrificing their useful pawns...example Cuomo. When you follow the money you can see how Cuomo is tied into already convicted and prosecuted NXVIM cult leaders including the heirs to the Seagram's legacy.  What were they doing? Trafficking children? Branding brainwashed women?

Can you see the change happening? What are you seeing in the people you know? People are waking up and questioning everything.  The country is being united again with a renewed sense of love and commitment to each other but bigger things than that are happening.  What has happened to BLM? How about Antifa? All we are hearing are pathetic little squeaks...the last gasp of a heavily funded domestic terrorist organization which is dying. Why?  The financial ties are being cut.  A bunch of the low level stragglers were arrested in Portland for burning down the courthouse, but not a peep anywhere else.  We are winning!!!

The central bank is falling and we are getting read to rebuild.  



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Look close...Even though this is a meme...It's fake Biden on the stage.  He was never inaugurated...



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