Daily Research - 03/14/2021

Day 52 - Military and patriots are in control! We won!! Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming....

We are winning and winning biggly!! What a time to be alive!! We have been privileged to be part of the largest intelligence drop in the history of the world and we are part of history in the making.  The amazing thing and a bit sobering is that we all have to make a choice as to which side we are on.  We have to make a choice.  Stand unwavering no matter what our eyes see for God, Family and country or be taken down mentally and spiritually by the Global Crime Syndicate.  There is definitely a sifting going on and by God's help and standing together...we will stand unwavering for righteousness, law and order, peace, and the things that make life worth living...for the glory of God.  President Trump, General Michael Flynn, Admiral Rogers set an amazing example...and did just this.

So what choice do we have? Being afraid and hiding in a hole somewhere isn't even remotely an option.  The only real weapon they have is psychological disabling us so that we don't speak up and don't fight.  There is relatively few of them compared to the amount of incredible, loving, caring people there are in the world.  The criminals are not human in the sense that they have no empathy.  Empathy is the defining characteristic of a psychopath, sociopath, narcissist, predator, abuser - sexual or otherwise. Stand, start talking, be loud and don't ever stop.

When evaluating the information coming forward... we look for patterns and connections.  When the intelligence drops started coming out, there were several procedural as well as psychological barriers that our wonderful patriots jumped over by circumventing a narrative drop.  If they had come right out and told the world what was happening...they would have violated legal procedures.  By using the Socratic method and dropping bread crumbs for researchers to follow and start digging for information, they lead us down the path to the information we needed to become educated on what is really going on.  It's all there and we have it all.  The process has to play out to the end so that we GET them all...no deals.  We still have a lot of digging to do...but we will never stop...never give up...never stop fighting for each other so help us God!!

Why isn't tariffs on the agenda with China?  Amusing to watch the political theater...




Transhumanism...what is it?

In the world of weird pseudo truths...there is a lot of talk about Transhumanism.  What is it and how much truth is there to it? Well there is actually a decent amount of information about the type and amount of human experiments that have been going on for decades..at least. In our quest to look at everything and question everything we need to be unafraid to look at all information and evaluate it.  Disclaimer...War Horse never buys anything entirely.  But where there is smoke there is usually fire or a modicum of truth there that we can uncover.  

War Horse does have a direct source who revealed that they have a chip which can in fact be inserted in the brain to wire into our thoughts and interact with humans.  The innovator is protected by heavily armed guards. So let's go down a rabbit hole here...but not buy all the details hook, line, and sinker.  It is a start for asking questions and researching.  War Horse does think this is significant and may very well be part of the black eye club, rather than most the accepted theories. What we can trust is the patterns rather than the direct narrative...we look for patterns and connections.

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